wetpussyallstars // In: Ter l – ll | Intervention

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video: C. Sumser
music: wetpussyallstars – In: Ter I – II | Intervention

The name ‘weTpussYalLstarS’ was inspired by the picture ‘A Drenched Cat’ of Jim McLagan.

“In the first line, this piece of ambient soundscapes was created by playing west-african drums, called ‘Djembe’. Additional instruments are a really old Korg synthesizer (maybe a MS-10, don’t know excatly. I’ve captured the sound sometimes on MD while i’m visiting a kindred spirit guy, who are using it as a piece of furniture), and a turntable with 78rpm.
Building \\ loops, put it through the ‘Pussy-O-Lator’ and started it accidentally are mandatory required.”

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