West african traditional drumming lesson (Dansa)

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complete solo phrases for dansa,traditional Malian rhythm, by master drummer Mady Keita (Bamako,Mali)


Rashid Thorne says:

OOOO I know this guy. I think that he and my grandfather know each other.
The place looks similar and my grandfather is also a master drummer, Ima be
a master drummer when I get older, Ive been playing for almost my entire
life (too bad im only 14) but adleast I make headlines Hehe

AAlberton14 says:


cesa lopez palacio says:

q maestro es el hombre..

kostadjembe says:

no brother he doesnt live in the states, he s in Melbourne Australia 🙂

Rashid Thorne says:

ohhh… lol he looks familiar

kostadjembe says:

who is your teacher?ill ask him!Good luck little brother 🙂

Rashid Thorne says:

Um i guess ask him about shanto man or Menes, He probably knows him if he
lives in brooklyn. But my teacher is actually my grandfather and hes a
master drummer too

stevonbi says:

truly a master- much to be learned from this!

Sandi Beech says:

I had a moment … I never played drums but after several years of
listening to West Afrikan beats I found I was able to harmonize rhythms and
feel time., As I drummed on my thighs I felt connected Thank UUU!

kostadjembe says:

@duckaton56 Dansa or Djansa or Diansa or Danza or Jensa or Jansa what
defines this rhythm is the duns my friend!

duckaton56 says:

the name of this rhythm is djansa.

gbolivares1 says:

Beleza!!! Long live CUBA!!! Long live Cuban PEOPLE!!!!!

kostadjembe says:

so lucky to have him as a teacher..

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