West African Drums w/ Mali Bobo Drumming and Unique Rare Dance Ceremony in Mali

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TO SEE.HEAR MORE FREE! michaelpluznick.com “African Dance”: www.myspace.com This video was made by Michael Pluznick at a traditional Bobo celebration on the outskirts of Bamako. The Bobo people have lived in Mali and the western part of Burkina Fasso for a very long time, some people say as far back as 800 AD Their population is now estimated around 100000 people. Traditionaly they are agriculturaly based, though many now live in the city and heart of Bamako as well. The language of the Bobo people is Bobo part of te Mande laguage family. They are known to many for their music played on unusual gourd drums covered with skin and held between the legs. The largest gourd is played with one hand and a stick and holds down th “bottom” or pulse of the rythym. and the smallest gourd is the solo drum which is played with two hands like a djembe. The music is usualy accompanied by two very large balaphones (wooden keyes which cover a set of tuned tiny gourds with membranes and hit with two malletts). Interestingly their music also now inclused a talking drum palyer who plays 2 talking drums simultaneously.


aJerseyThing says:



i relly like this movie ronnie hamer thank you,

012345678934747 says:

Ich liebe diese Musik!

laurairlandesa says:

wow, they brought all this to america back in slavery days, giving us hiphop, jazz, soul and funk ;D God bless Africa

Beth Ferguson says:

0:27 some kid decides to start doing some spaztic foot work?

michaelpluznick says:

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JonnyLikesPie says:

any culture that values the musicians is the place for me

plainbrokenenglish says:

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HipnoticBeatz says:

Love this, my spirit instantly recognizes this sound, the tones, the language.

duaino12000 says:

This is what fills my soul~~~~

Omarateastwind says:

Excellent! Thanks so much for sharing…it’s going on my blog, DrummingInTheOzarkMountains.blogspot.com with a link back to you.

PeluMaad says:

…the Bobo are the fishing people of the Djoliba river?

Maniaclaughter says:

Cool:) Just like in the opening theme for the cartoon “Beast Wars” (it’s got some awesome drums that sound African to me)

Moiez101 says:

hypnotic rhythms. feel the vibes!!

mamadykamara says:

nice to see some original festival music from the region! Much from that region is concert style music, with djembe. Very interesting to see this drumming style! And it’s great music!

maccaworld says:

This is boring…

isurfvan says:

hahahahahhahahahaha YOU FUCKIN FUCKER FUCKITY VAGINA FUCK TELLING ME ID OTNKNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE FUCKIN DRUMMER YOU FUCK, AHhahahahhahaaa….. oh yeaaaaaaaaaa try gettin in contact with groman in sc

tets36 says:

hey fack u, u don no anyting of the spirit of the DRUM.

isurfvan says:


KhinShaider says:

I don’t know why I like some traditional African / Asian music. It think because it’s simultaneous. Well I don’t know. Hard to explain

michaelpluznick says:

thanks and glad you are enjoying my videos  🙂

africantribalmusic says:

thanks for sharing my blog is about the BOBO people so i will be sharing your video..:-)….you are a great resource for African Tribal Music

ADailyRitual says:

anyone know where a percussionist could find some guide lines for general African drumming

civilisationskerl says:

algeria drumms* and the video named red desert drums or something like this

civilisationskerl says:

this is cool .. check out youtube: algerian drums

the video shoes marocain people on the border next to algeria … great drumms.

randall34rk says:

i love playing djembe and learning about african drumming its very interesting and complex because who really knows if the rythms they play are consistant.

Edwin Decena says:

bobo nga amfuta >.<

nellieidt says:

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