west african drums – senegal

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seattle’s bumbershoot 2008 -thione & gora diop


TheRealHench says:

@biggurs You racist shit!

solejahway says:


FermerMetal says:

That is a very ignorant comment. Do you even know what you are talking about or are you just generalizing?

ponchomkr says:

i like how in some adventure movies that take place in africa they play drums as the overall music it’s cool

Trish Nickson says:

Racist prick!

liamskiner says:

You idiot Arabs were too busy fighting each other in the desert. Pyramids, Egypt and Africa have nothing to do with Arabs. King Ramesses was a pure pure Negro !! Egypt was all Black people. But of course an Indian like you wont get it go do math or something. Hurts doesnt it?

biggurs says:

Actually the egyptians were building pyramids.
Strictly speaking they’re more Arab rather than negro.
I was referring to negroes

liamskiner says:

you stupid foolish good for nothing useless pathetic loud mouthed ignorant uncivilized uneducated English Island Monkey !! didnt your “GREAT” culture teach you any respect. These guys were building pyramids when your people were dancing around a bunch of stones having a group orgy..FOOL !!!

biggurs says:

the jungle?

biggurs says:

has ANYTHING been invented in africa?

WarBandit111 says:


asskickatron says:

Where can I find more music like this?

Hbabii17 says:

epic booty shake

madeleine588 says:

I scrolled down immediately when that happened just to see if anyone else had something to say about that! He’s thinking, “yep, still go it.”

Jmsn72 says:

This is pure art.

sbjburton21 says:

i have to do this for work in music class at our school

sbjburton21 says:

brilliant work guys!!!

MrJiggybig says:


thatsafunnyjoke says:

mine to.

GstarMoKwl says:

this is my homework to study this.

MrSlla222 says:

got you for a moment but not anymore

Attermusic says:

I like the old white man dancing to the beat. Funny.

MysticGizmos says:

Africans are psychedelic.

nbermudes says:

would have liked to have been there for that jam!

24kingpinn says:

and almost collapses.



TSyoutubin says:

someone is offended by the word “western.” It is very western to be offended by the word “western.” That Western African drumming was pretty nice though, right? 😀

tenor90210 says:

outstanding!!! CARLOS Santana SAID that HE listen TO African MUSIC all THE time! AFRICA is THE mother OF all MUSIC watch THIS:…”tenor90210 D’Artagnan SINGING”…

TheInksoul says:

This is sooooo amazing! There’s beats, and then there’s beats within those beats. and then sub-beats in those beats. Plus, you can help but stand up and dance,or at least sway a little…

OumzyWorld says:

I didn’t wanna dance but … duuuude 😀

Kostly says:

Minimal Techno is so modeled off of this…..if it isn’t it SHOULD be! HAHAHAH Fucking great! They’re having such a great time drumming too. Totally love it.

mateohaggis says:

@skidrum11. as westerners…. as westerners…. as westerners… why don’t you just view your whole paragraph as your own analytic mind?… as a westerner of course… a mindless westerner… as a westerner as a westerner as a westerner

leftysergeant says:

Thione works in Seattle these days, and we are lucky to have him around. This was apparenty filmed at the annual Labor Day celebration (Bumbershoot, so called in recognition of the usual start of the rainy season.)

3PJX says:

we watched this in music cless and the teacher did 5 replays of 0:49

vergiber says:

search bolder gazet van antwerpen

Roberta Carro says:

well i do sure hope you dont call yourself a lover of music.

1Urganda1 says:

I am white Venezuelan but I feel this is my culture too

axelsfolks says:

NICE! I have been drumming in drum circles and with HIPPIES for quite some time, there is something to be said about real African songs, with structure, and people playing a certain part, etc. This was really good, I have recently began to study and TRY to play some African rhythms, not as easy as I thought it would be. It has definately made me see drum circles in a different light though.
Thanks for the Video!!!

endorianki says:

you don’t have to be any particular race to like this song. You can be white as snow and like it. 

guitaristshobi says:

Eargasmic …. Soon i`ll be leaving for Africal… cant wait to jam with all these cool drummers there 😀 hell yea

BigfootBionic says:

Look how relaxed the lead Djembe and Dun-Dun is while still having plenty of presence. Less volume but more tone and (hang-time) swing! No matter where you’re from or style you play this is a lesson in music!

mileyboocyrus11 says:

6 ppl are freaks !

xBATOOOKx says:


hojima says:

do all black people seriously look that similar to you?

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