West African Drum class: Diansa, (Djansa, Danza) djembe solo tech, solo phrases w/ slow mo

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http://www.michaelpluznick.com West African Drum classwith Michael Pluznick: Mali style Diansa, (Djansa, Danza) solo techniques, solo phrases w/ slow motion …


Michael Pluznick says:

The new (Michael Pluznick) MP Eco Pro 12 and 13″ djembes are now in
production! They will be available in the USA at X8 drums. We will also be
shipping out in minimum orders of 10 drums from Bali if you live somewhere
else. Contact me here if you are interested in ordering.

goatskindreams says:

mike your drum sounds amazing

Martina Mathur says:

thanks for the clarity – voll super – die slomo – danke danke danke !
klingt super !

NaturesFairy says:

I always enjoying watching and listening to you play!! Awesome!

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