Toto’s “Africa” Drum Fill – Free Drum Lessons

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phil3636 says:

which snare is he using?

JocelynDang811202 says:

How to drum so fast in 16th notes with right hand only?
I just can’t play that fast especially up to 90 beat per minute… 

Silas Isenmann says:

which headphones does he use? 

waqqodonkey says:

simple fill , but a beautiful one! thank you guys!!

usaSAVAGE says:

Nice kit !

MrSteviebaker says:

Thank you very much for this video

smffd says:

Great cool lesson ! Thanks

Mclean Cecile says:

sorry dude this is not the real groove on Africa please check it again
listen CAREFULLY to the kick..on the 2nd and 4th no kick on the ‘a’…

Creativecoverz says:


Muuricio Degollada says:

Mike I love the way you break things down and explain the fundamental I
enjoy all your lessons thanks to you I now playing paradiddles totally
different it now sounds musical thank you 

Newbport says:

I bless the rains down in Africa :-D

Gerson Flores Drummer says:


TheZubaKing says:

Love this drumeo. Nice one. Keep it up

Werner van der Plas says:

Hey Mike,
Great lessons!
For quite while now I’m trying to find out how to get the sound of Jeff
Porcaro in this song. His tom during this fill sound amazing. Do you know
how to get this sound?

Ver bel says:

Nice lesson. That snare thou <3

Mike Carlucci says:

Thanks Mike. Great to see you on Drumeo. Always enjoy the clarity and
usability of your online lessons. 

Jakub Struczewski says:

PSZED 301 !!!!!111

JotHaBe eSTe says:

Great lesson! Really like it. But isn’t the full bar fill rhythmically like
a rumba clave? 

Алексей Найдюк says:

Миша Михалков?

raitoxote says:

Once you got this beat, try to play the one which Simon Phillips plays with
Toto (the second snare hit comes in the “e” of the third beat), it seems
easy to play, but it recquires some independence.

Titus Yarnall says:

I like dremeo védéo 😀 

AjyTojen says:

Nice lesson thanks. The rhythm of the fill seems to be inspired by a
typical motif found in many African rhythms, such as Makossa. Jeff Porcaro
probably used it to add an African taste in this song.

rock n roll come back Mauro says:

what happened to the young guy? i liked his fills

ajgagnon100 says:


糸こんにゃく says:


racedrummer1 says:

Dear Drumeo,
Dear Mr. Michalkow,
Thank you for this great lesson!
I’m a German drummer and I love the Band Toto. But my favourite drummer is
Mr. Simon Phillips (Toto, too).
If you make more Toto-Lessons, I would love to watch them.
Cool Songs are e.g. “Bottom Of Your Soul” (especial the octoban stuff),
“Stop Loving you”, “Pamela” and “St. George And The Dragon”.
Hope you got some ideas for the next lessons.
Greetings from Germany!

NickWishesHeWasCool says:

Mike’s such a great teacher, would love to see videos of him teaching
advanced concepts

AulyanChanel says:

Show next time how it sounds with the minus track

Roland Gerard says:

great lesson, thanks

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