Tom Teasley-LP Djembe with Remo Head and Vic Firth Jazz Rakes

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This is an excerpt on my soon to be released video, “An American Approach To World Percussion”. This djembe solo uses several techniques including playing wi…


Tom Teasley says:

World Percussionist: Tom Teasley performs extended techniques on LP Djembe.
Please comment and share as you see fit. Thank you,T

Tom Teasley says:

Solo variations and extended techniques on djembe drum. Please, share and
comment as you see fit. Many Thanks, Tom

Tom Teasley says:

World percussionist, Tom Teasley applies drumming techniques inspired by
Turkish, Indian and Persian cultures. This is combined with American jazz
brush technique and applied to the djembe. http://www.tomteasley for more info.
Thank you!

Steve Mondello says:

Ottima tecnica, complimenti!!

Joseph Darmenia says:


Tom Teasley says:

Thank you Letryk,Steve,Dohn andFrancisco! I really appreciate your support.
You may find other video on my channel you enjoy. Watch for the DVD to be
out soon!

Tom Teasley says:

Thanks Millionaire! There may be investing opportunities (-;

Tom Teasley says:

Thanks Michael! Please stay in touch and watch out for the DVD to be out in
a couple of months!

Letryk says:

Pretty …how can i put it…. AWESOME!

Tom Teasley says:

Thank you Flipp! I’m so lucky to be able to explore music and rhythm as my
life’s work. I hope I’m respectful to those who came before me.

dhonguelee says:

i watch this and i am mesmerized… how do you practice? I’ve been learning
djembe for about six months now. I am not sure what to do anymore.

premiumblend100 says:

I wish i could do this at some of my gigs, I need to learn some style.
Though i am steady in rythem, I have no texture like this. I am jelous and
need to learn!

Tom Teasley says:

Thanks Premiumblend! I appreciate your kind words! Please stay posted for
my soon to be released instructional DV with step by step instructions for
implementing these techniques. All best, Tom

Michael Lilburn says:


Flipp Ross says:

Man I love the way that you use many techniques in your playing , too many
people get over anal about sticking to the traditional style for a
particular drum , for me a drum is a drum Is a drum , play it from the
heart , something you do so superbly 🙂

Tom Teasley says:

Thanks Joseph!

Francisco Galicia says:

amigo tom q modelo es el cuero remo dl djembe yo quiro ponerle uno a mi
djembe por favor mándame el modelo suena muy bueno

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