Tee’k Aminu – Am An African Child

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Am an African child
From my skin to my being
My black is my pride
My culture is my bride
Confidence as my mindset
Even with all the curses
And rejections.
Am far from perfection
But my beauty is a reflection
Of my tribes and my vibes

Am compared with the apes
But am an African child
Am a Queen
And my kingdom
Is filled with Kings
Singing the songs of bravery
No longer that of slavery
Am free to talk,
Free to dance
To my African tunes.

An African child
Tradition bound in
My dress and food
Taller than a mountain
And brighter than the sun;
That’s my African dreams,
My visions
And my hopes.
Am an African child
Deep in my root;
From my heart.

Tee’k Aminu


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