steve shehan: brushes/djembe demo

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Close bendir filmed by thibaut castan.


shakti Purusha says:

j’aime beaucoup….

Hang Drum says:

hey steve I have looked all over for this or something similar where can I
find these brushes other than southern Morocco? hahah, really like your

Manmadrum says:

Vraiment super et très original … ça me donne vraiment envie de m’essayer
aux percus (je suis batteur) et d’en apprendre plus sur la musique du
monde, si vous avez des conseils à me donner n’hésitez pas 🙂

neurwan says:

chapeau !

David Lesage says:

Merci une belle vidéo explicative ! Je sais ce qu’il me reste à faire
pendant 2 ans XD

Steve Shehan says:

“Here are Moroccan kitchen brushes, coming from southern Morocco. When I
find them they are like this, very rough, very thick and the purpose is to
work on them, to refine them, to make them able to be played with and on
any percussion instrument. To refine them could be to rub them for days,
like this, to simulate rain, and with time they become very fine and the
rain becomes a small wood fire. And then, it becomes to be very pleasant to
play with these brushes,”


I’d like to make a pair of those. Any ideas what to use if you aren’t
planning to do a trip to Morocco soon…?

jimkerryhelmer says:

Une son magnifique, vous avez de instruments tres cool. J’aimerais esayer
ca sur mon Remo un jour.

Ana Mitchell says:

Very cool!!!Loved it!

petercussion says:

Thank you Steve, I love your style

Marcus Fung says:

that was awesome!

Jah WillB says:

From what tree are those from?

TroubleinZION says:

I wish I spoke french cuz I know he’s saying something good. Can someone
tell me in english. Thanks

Confiture de Hang says:

Tu crées un univers musical complètement incroyable … Ca te correspond
totalement et c’est vraiment profond comme sonorités! Moi la pluie et le
petit feu de bois j’adore! Et je trouve ça dingue de créer des sons comme
ça! Fin bref Génial !

TroubleinZION says:

Hey thanks a bunch. I’ve watched a couple of your videos and your amazing.
I’m just getting started with my djembe. Do you have any recommened

◦₪◦ Nadishana ◦₪◦ says:

man, your work with brushes is amazing!

teslaphysics says:

I need a pair of those!!

DeadAhead6595 says:


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