Stephen Perkins – African Slit Drum at Guitar Center Sessions

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Stephen Perkins’ riveting work with Jane’s Addiction and Porno For Pyros has made him one of the most respected and sought-after drummers of the 90’s. He con…


KeitelStevele says:

Somebody PLEASE turn that snare off. Cool drum tho

ezava2 says:

i had an original non machined (handmade) at least 20 yrs old for a while
before my father sold it, beautiful instrument fun once you get the hang of
it. i miss playing it so much

tommie997 says:

@TheMikeMythos Would you know where to find or buy one? I would very much
like one. Interesting story too 😀

TheMikeMythos says:

Back during high school percussion ensemble we ordered a few of these when
we played some choice Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic tunes. I always loved
improving with them like this on free times.

steelersdrummergirl says:

Awesome ! My favorite drummer playing my favorite drum ! I purchased one
from Cedar Mountain Drums in Portland, OR for $360 back in 2004. I checked
out the tonal quality of several before falling in love with the one I have

tommie997 says:

@TheMikeMythos Thanks.

TheMikeMythos says:

@tommie997 Thanks. Hard to say who’d carry them, easiest to check if Guitar
Center would have any able to be ordered, or looking online. Just make sure
they come with soft protective cases, and use soft rubber mallets on them.
Like marimba keys, they can be fragile and easy to get detuned.

Pat Boland says:

0 dislikes….let’s keep it that way

DistortedV12 says:

Super Mario Brothers! FTW!

Álefe Neves S. says:

fui o numero 70 a gostar (joinha brasil)

333jas says:

I was diggin’ the blonde over his left shoulder!

guitar6029 says:

i like that sound

rockandrollforever23 says:

hes a very well rounded musician

fjorab says:

Nice! I’m awfully tempted to look into getting one of these – a nice mellow
range of sound.

atreyurockmysocks says:

The blonde in the back wants the deek. In or around her mouth. xD

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