Shondrika Anderson – ‘ Bits of African American History…’

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Many African Americans helped pave the way for us all.
Dr. Martin Luther King fought for equal rights and was assassinated though, his legacy went on and to this day is still standing tall.
There were some strong women as well.
Such as Mrs. Harriet Tubman, who helped many slaves escape through the underground railroad, so there were many stories to tell.
Mrs. Rosa Parks became known as the first black not to give up her seat and get arrested for it, she too played a great role.
There were several talented blacks who could sing, dance, act, and some great writers, which is how their stories were told.
Langston Hughes wrote poetry of all types some of which many could relate.
Then there were creative women such as Madame C.J. Walker, who invented the pressing comb which some still use to get those naps straight.
We as blacks have and still are making history everyday.
With our strong black president Barack Obama, we’re striving for the top, not worried what others say.
So with God on our side there’s nothing we won’t do or try.
Known as great achievers, our fighting spirits will never die.

Shondrika Anderson


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