Remo Key-Tuned Djembe – Percussion Review

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For quality cajons & FREE lesson packages go to This episode of Percussion Review looks at the Remo Mondo Series Key-Tuned D…


Paul Jennings says:

Hello there. I have not done anything special to the Djembe or tuned it in a special way. I just tuned it to how I like it. There is still a ring present but its not too crazy.

BanginAwayBear says:

Your Remo 12 has no indication of the well known Remo (key tuned) sustained after ring. Are you playing it out of the box, did you tune a special way or did you attempt the muffling that is recommended to reduce the ringing? I have played the 12 and have a Signature Series 16. My 16 had a pronounced ring and I tamed it to my requirements,with minor attachments of insulation tape under the head, without losing the bass or projection. Just wondering??

Paul Jennings says:

Sorry guys, Its a 12″

MizzMuffety says:


Nenad Pekez says:

Did you do anything special to reduce overtones? And how did you tune it to sound so smoothly?

BarbiesDirtyDiaper says:

What size is this one?

breesriddim says:

Thank you so much for this review. I have always wanted to play the djembe and was looking for what I should buy. I am definitely buying this one.

MatrixLightPortal says:

Nice technique, lovely sounding, is that due to it being lightweight, or is that your playing, eg hitting it lightly etc. Looking forward to information.

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