Relax Music Africa Best Images Drumming Joy Video Song HD

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Suggestive photographic images of the AFRICA, elaborate again in a fascinating movie, meticulously reconstructed and syncronized with one of the thematic son…


annie zag says:

Beautiful! Thank you so much! 

Anikó Rózsa Boros says:
Mega Atlas says:


Ivone Sensao says:
Actualités Afrique - Africa News says:

Relax Music Africa Best Images Drumming Joy Video Song Relax Music Africa
Best Images Drumming Joy Video Song HD

FruityPearls says:

Africa is such a beautiful country

Pieruzek Roman says:

Great I like very much

wonderfulight says:

Compliments you are really good ! Sei proprio bravo, complimenti : )))

Giuseppa Sardo says:

bellissimo. di una bellezza infinita non saprei cosa aggiungere di piu non
possono esestere parole per descriverlo.

SuperPowerman23 says:

you rubbish this song is true art

Anthony Wings says:


Britt Young says: your welcome 🙂

TheTreesareblue says:

so beautiful…ready to fall in love with this music…

Maluson says:

Africa is not a “country”… why do people keep thinking that, Africa is a
continent. There are hundreds of different countries in it and there
thousands of different cultures in it, we don’t all look the same, we don’t
talk the same, we don’t have the same music… It’s like me saying,
America, whoa, what a beautiful country, or Asia, wahouu, unbelievable
country, … it doesn’t make any sense!

sternchen67xx says:

trauuuu..mhaft!!!! wuuu..nder-wunderschön!!!! danke für diesen TRAUM VON
MUSIK!!!!!!! von herzen danke für dieses wundervolle video voller ruhe und
träume!! TOP!!!! ERSTKLASSIG!!!!!!!! den goldigsten stern voller wärme und
lieben,lieben grüßen vom sternchen

Anthony Wings says:

In this video I used a very simple and limited in functions software, is
called Memories on TV, but you do not recommend it. If you look at my other
latest video (Spirit of Africa, Africa a New Day, Light, Earth, Returno of
Hero, Harem of Love), you will notice the big difference, seem Film. They
are built with Powerdirector 11, very powerful, fast and easy to use. Best
wishes by Anthony Wings

Anthony Wings says:

@MsGigi1947 Thanks Very very much

Anthony Wings says:


636ryder says:

@antric32 wow

Anthony Wings says:

DANKE lieber Freund ! by Anthony Wings

Anthony Wings says:

Are you telling me that my soundtrack is equal to that of naruto ? Please
can send me a link where I can listen to it ? What is Naruto ? … A
computer game ? … a cartoon ? Thank you ! by Anthony Wings

Anthony Wings says:


doodelay says:

wth what is part of a naruto soundtrack doing in the beginning O_o?

MissGirlsloveshoes says:


tpronko1 says:

Hello. Did you do the video for this presentation as well? It’s wonderful!
You’ve given me the idea to do something similar for a photo presentation
I’d like to do. Can you tell me what program you assembled the photos with?
I’m particularly interested in knowing how you are able to pan and zoom the
still images.

PianoMan53100 says:

WOW I can’t believe I just found your uploads!! I LOVE this!! 😀

Георги Христов says:

Beatifull !!! Thanks ! Greeting from Bulgaria!

14shadowreaper says:

if i cud die, thats the place ide want to do it

tpronko1 says:

Anthony, I’ve looked at one of the others and you’re right. It’s much
better, it seems. I will check out both of the programs you used. Thanks
for responding!…Tony

Nicholas S. Hussain says:

copy the youtube video link goto just follow the onscreen steps
! 🙂

Anthony Wings says:

Thank you all for the wonderful comments by Anthony Wings

kanekontheboss says:

This is very beautiful thank you for uploading

zeamari mohamed says:

belle nature african

Anthony Wings says:

Thanks my Friend for defending my work composed with so much effort, …
THANKS AGAIN! by Anthony Wings

Loosuk koodhi says:

Africa my favourite continent

Gwendolyn D Adams-Evans says:

Beautiful,serene,peaceful, music and fantastic video. I love it. WOW!

Anthony Wings says:

@gigiadream This is one musical composition of mine, the title is Drumming
Joy, but unfortunately it is not present on the web. if you want contact me
to the e-mail that is in the video. bye

Pieruzek Roman says:

Very nice I like it

MRsoofy1 says:

Can you tell us where to download this song

Tsrifdrazil says:

this is so beautiful and inspiring! 🙂

Gigia Mazzucato says:

could you tell me the name of the music please?

dsclash83 says:

Merci Paty de m avoir fais connaitre…simplement magike 3 3

giovanni tiranzoni says:

oggi su sponsorizziamo un amico
veramente bravo nel comporre musica e realizzare video!
Guardate questo: 

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