TV: Bedouin Soundclash

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The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Jay Malinowski, bassist Eon Sinclair and drummer Pat Pengelly. They released their debut album, Root Fire 2001 with former djembe player Brett Dunlop, and Sounding a Mosiac in 2004 with the current lineup. The band is set to release their follow up record ‘Street Gospels’ in 2007. During the recording of Sounding a Mosaic Bedouin Soundclash formed a close bond with producer Darryl Jenifer, of Bad Brains, who they continue to work with today. Despite drastic differences in sound, Bedouin Soundclash and D Jenifer are set to release a collaborative Bad Brains vs. Bedouin Soundclash mash-up later in 2007. We caught up with Eon and Jay at Osheaga in Montreal to find out what they’re up to.


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