Penguins Causing a Ruckus in South African Town

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Penguins take over a town in South Africa.

Penguins are adorable, waddling little creatures. At least, many of us would think so.

However, homeowners in a section of Betty’s Bay, South Africa are fed up with the ever expanding population of African penguins. Many residents in Stony Point can’t sleep because the creatures are far too noisy and there have also been complaints of the birds getting into homes, making a complete mess.

Nearby dwellers have spoken out about the horrible-smelling guano that has been killing plants.

The municipality claims that in the future, the fence will ‘hopefully’ be expanded and sprinklers will be used to rid the area of the guano scent. But until that happens, residents are stuck dealing with the 5000 penguins that seem to enjoy getting up close and personal with homeowners.

Earlier this year, pigeons were causing some problems in the Ukraine. A local city official proposed a novel solution to the problem – “Let’s give them wine-soaked bread and then deport them somewhere where they’ll wake up the next day.”


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