Pain Is Love 32588 – The Dreams Of An African American Child

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The dreams of African American childern have changed from our parents former dreams into the dreams of the children today.

Back then we wanted to be Policemen, Layers, Doctors, even the first black Persident.

The may be a few kids now-a-days that still hope for those thing but notice i say FEW

Now we run from police, we are the reason Doctors and laywers get paid so much.

Instead of runing the world as President we wanna be the one to run the streets.

Our minds have been taken over by the flashy things we see.

We want the big houses and a different car for every day of the week.

We want to have more money than we know what to do with.

But we don’t want to do the right things it takes to get it.Becoming an NBA star is what seems to be on the minds of most little black boys today.

But the odds of that are in a million.

American Idol and Next Top Model has become a quick growning fad. Our People seem to have forgotten the very little they had.

The ‘Dream’ Of Dr. King has died along with the man.

We no longer walk as bothers and sisters hand-in- hand.

We no longer dream for ourselves we want the greed of the next man.

People today wanna try to place the blame on everyone else.

Its the music, the movies, video game and tv shows.

No it all starts in the home and how far you let things go.

If we don’t like what we see, its time to let each outher know.

If we don’t take the stand for ourselves then we all will remain in the passanger seat.

Along for the ride to a place when someone else wants us to be.

Pain Is Love 32588


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