A djembe drum head needs to be tightened periodically in order to get the best sound possible. Repair your djembe with the help of a professional drummer in this free video.
Have you ever wanted to get good at drums. Well look no further than this advice video on How To Learn Djembe Drums. Follow Videojug’s professionals as they steer you through this advice video.
DOWNLOAD THIS BEAT: http://www.dooleydrums.com/Get FREE DRUM LOOPS – Join my mailing list http://goo.gl/t9Vg0FREE BEATS on Facebook – http://goo.gl/SC0wn http://www.dooleydrums.com/Africanish-Tom-Beat-120-BPM This beat is played on the toms and snare with the snare wires turned off. I put it in the ethnic drum kit section but it also fits well in alternative rock.
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Of all the instruments to learn, the djembe drums are one of the most basic, and also allows for a great deal of imagination and improvisation. Wow your friends with your new skills after watching this djembe tutorial video.
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