Watch the full concert at Tedeschi Trucks Band performing “Learn How to Love” live at the Filmore Auditorium in Denver, CO. A dramatic leap forward for two of the music worlds most dynamic performers, singer/guitarist Susan Tedeschi and guitarist Derek Trucks, introduced their new 11-piece ensembleTedeschi Trucks Band to rave reviews earlier this spring in advance of their first full CD release together, Revelator. Acclaimed by Rolling Stone, Revelator is a confident yet unforced triumph offering a cohesive vision: an idyllic, musical world in which the echoes of so many great traditions Delta blues and Memphis soul, Sixties rock [More]
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premier morceau ultime. . Sign up for our secret lessons at! . Learn how to accompany a djembe in this free video guitar lesson. Nate Savage and Jared Falk play a guitar and djembe jam. Listen to how they compliment each other in specific areas of the song.
Estratto dal metodo “Iniziazione al djembé in 3D”, da scoprire su
Extraído del método “Iniciación al djembé en 3D”, a descubrir en
Part 2 of a didgeridoo & djembe jam at didgeridoo breath. More videos, instruments & demos at