Overseas Connection Mali Djembe review

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My Overseas Connection Mali Djembe 13″Natural Drum review. I couldn’t find anywhere on Youtube where anyone had reviewed one of these brand of djembe drums, …


gmee123 says:

You’re very welcome! It’s not the best drum in the world, but i’ve seen and
had some worse ones 🙂 If you have the money seriously look into a higher
costing custom made one from a store that fits the heads and such. It’s
worth the cost! On a budget though, definitely buy it from a place like
musicians friend and get the extended warranty in case the head needs
fixed,especially if you live in a humid environment. Best of luck, glad the
video helped 🙂

55galdrum says:

Thanks for taking the time to do this video. I’ve been looking at drums for
a few weeks now, but after seeing your video I’m going with this one.
Should be here next week!!! Thanks,

Jake Carter says:

Thanks alot, I have been looking for one, and (just like you) couldn’t find
much about this drum. I think I will be very pleased with this choise.
Looking forward to getting it.

gmee123 says:

You’re very welcome Jake. Glad my review could help someone like myself. 🙂

Michael Lemke says:

Thanks man. I was gonna by this djembe and I was reassured by this video I
made a good choice. Excellent bro. I buy a lot from mf.com and I have found
reading many reviews gets you the right match and avoids returns and
disappointments. Keep on posting. My Overseas Connection Mali-made djembe
ships on 3/11 YAY!

gmee123 says:

YW michael! Glad the review could be of help 🙂 Makes me feel good to know
that this video is helping others like myself, who weren’t able to find

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