Oldest African drumming footage ever

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Download the soundtrack for free at www.afrodrumming.com Rare and old footage of African drumming, dating back to 1930. Taken from documentaries, cartoons, movies and amateur footage. The soundtrack is not the original. It is from the album ‘African Drumming’, which is available as a CD or for download here: www.afrodrumming.com Visit www.afrodrumming.com for all you need to know about the djembe and African drumming


BlueScarfLady says:

One thing that is a GREAT LOSS in the modern, western dominated world is a civilization that includes dance and physical jubilation. All of us sit on our butts way too much. Not moving disconnects us from our humanity.

steveneinstein says:

u mad?

MrGreglaw says:

Brilliant footage there.

airedalegirl99 says:

Man do you guys ever have a point made? I mean you all purposely like the clicking of your keyboards because you type such long messages. I don’t a point made at all in your childish arguments.

soulposishun says:

So let me get this straight. You live in the United States according to your profile. So either you are African American or an African that emigrated. If you love Africa so much, move to Africa.Yes my ancestors helped “colonize” South Africa almost 400 years ago. I could leave Africa, but why would I? I do not know Europe.I am African, no matter if I am white or pink. You cannot say otherwise. I speak Afrikaans and isiZulu. I don’t belong anywhere else.Move to Africa if you care so much.

essentialelement401 says:

No matter how much melanin is in our skin.. We all are living human beings.. Our Hearts all pump blood and give off high frequency vibrations of Love.. Our bones and veins have the same function.. Our Soul is eternal..

essentialelement401 says:

Hahahah this guy right here^ thinks there is such thing as black & white people, ha oh man.. If Eye ever saw a black or white colored human being Eye would flip monkey shit!

piepiepie900 says:

And I’m sure you’ve done more for this world than any of those “dirty black scum”
Seriously, it’s people like you who are prohibiting forward thinking.

hitomusic says:

This is one the greatest patterns every made. Just one of the very very best ever made. So distinct – this one. It’s “talking” is truly among the best of the best.

jozafreebird says:

oh please. spare me ur descendants of colonizers get it straight! u think we’ll forget what happened. never!!

jozafreebird says:

if u truly care about Africa fight the system of white supremacy!!!

Mauichaka says:

Aloha from Hawaii, love drums !

themrduragss says:

Lets get the language correct! White people are decent of African people not directly from Africa! So be proud to be a child of African people!

titirik13 says:

verry nice drumming play!!!

music4826 says:

Fuckin’ A Right!

themrduragss says:

Thats one serious beat

themrduragss says:

There must be earlier African footage unreleased to the public. 

rubexcube00 says:

My ancestors may be from europe, but I am as african as any Zulu, Xhosa, or anyone else, it is in my blood, it is in my soul. To be truly african is not about the colour of our skin, but about how we love the land, the peoples and the cultures of the home we are from.

mtpretty says:

this makes me proud to be black….i love my african ancestry !!!!!!

GLOKD says:

no need to apologise. the entire human species can be traced to the african savanna 😉

ferretyui says:

I apologize sir, but unless you are albino, or mabye moroccan, most whites are of european descent, if you do have afrrican ancestory it make you mulatto not white.

ferretyui says:

open two versions of this video, let one get let a little ahead, now listen

ballrub says:

obama add in the beginning,priceless

jimibeckert says:


bedlumproductions says:

That was feckin fantastic,mate. Cheers.

GLOKD says:

it’s an indisputable fact, my dear.

taekfute says:

You will never be of African decent you deluded thief, and have no right to claim that heritage.

Lee Niu says:

Like how they hyped this Trayvon Martin case?

Stupid nigger, the media is controlled by kikes not honkies…

freyasangria says:

a lot of Afr music has a very heavy emphasis on rhythm and drums. in some songs, there is a huge torrent of drums that sounds exactly like a thunderstorm in the background. awesome! but unfortunately many musicians are poor and do not put out music albums so nobody knows about these sounds.

Wegame Alot says:

Cameras Were Found Where?

GLOKD says:

nah. I meant african decent. they aint ‘arf bad these africans!

sackadoodle says:

You mean deScent lol

Roseblade7 says:

Lol monkey

jovonerecords says:

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Lashonrita says:

if everyone would only think like you and not see a color but see a human and realize that no color is exempt from mistakes, bad decisions, and sins. No skin color is greater than the other. Everything that has breath is equal and no financial position, job, degree, or amount of “success” will ever make one person more significant than another.

paulwall142 says:

he never said all whites….

altosaxophone1028 says:

There is actually a monkey that is there for like 2 seconds!

altosaxophone1028 says:

I’m not talking about the people!! There is actually a monkey that crawls into the shot at the time that I pointed at! It’s in the top right hand corner of the screen, I was not talking about the people!! And my family isn’t racist at all, I’m hispanic!

217Danielle217 says:

Go get some help.. Its just skin color.. & Tht white/mexican or w.e race friend u hav u think is real could b fake & This black person on here could b a realer friend then u hav now & Realer then ur mom & Dad (; Let me guess.. Ur whole family is probly racist? Lol rot in hell. SMH

godu1111 says:

Who cares ?

RONALDOX89 says:


RawVeganGoddess says:

that was some good drumming.

METTI1986LA says:

its hypnotizing

altosaxophone1028 says:

What? there is a small monkey in the top right corner

Acolis says:

some of the best drumming ive ever hear. ever

altosaxophone1028 says:

01:33 Monkey!!

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