“Numu Foly” Mali African Dance, Djembe Drums and Chants#8

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www.michaelpluznick.com Mali West African dance choreography. This piece is called Numu Foly (the black smith dance). This video is from the series West African (Mal)i Dance, Drums and Chants #8. And is from my African drum and dance lessons in Bamako, Mali, West Africa. For more info please go to www.michaelpluznick.com


michaelpluznick says:

glad you enjoyed it! They live breath and are the music,dance and culture of Mali.. 🙂

throbule says:

Had not seen this video before, but as always Michael, you upload some truly excellent video’s.
These musicians are quite amazingly talented!
Many thanks for this wonderful piece of pure entertainment.

hitomusic says:

The drum group-they are beyond incredible.The drumming:awesome beyond belief. Has a special energy-a unique sound;sounds like it’s “coming from somewhere”. They are great masters.The dancers are fabulous and they have a truly awesome way of chanting and singing.There will not be a group of individuals even remotely like this for all time; they completely stand out and alone. All the stars aligned with this generation,in this one village,in one place,made up of singular persons.Absolutely unreal.

kasankasank says:

fantastic footage..please do not loose this, it is rare!!

kasankasank says:

fantastic footage..please do not loose this, it is rare1

niconico87us says:


lingnoi24 says:

fantastic and unusual, too1

Andrew1034314 says:

thanks again mike!

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