More 101 Drum Circle Rhythms ( 7 Djembe Drumming Beat Samples

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Hello hand drummers & drum circle lovers. Here’s 7 minutes from my 2 hour DVD. ($15) at It’s a wedding band tattoo on my finger, not a metal ring. I had to de-tune the djembe a little more than I would like because of the audio restraints of the recording studio. The drum is an LP Giovanni model. I like it because I can easily tune it as needed, indoors or outdoors in the humidity.

The DVD title is 101 Drum Circle Rhythms. Actually, there is 120 of them, but who’s counting. I hope these help to get you in the groove. Not everyone can afford even minor music purchases these days. Check a few out, and have some fun with them. Use them as a starting point, & make them your own.

I include a free drum circle jam CD with purchase of the DVD from my website. Enjoy lots of fun ethnic drum beats from around the world to explore, have fun with. There’s over 2 hours of them – they will keep you in the groove, exploring, & drumming for a long time.

At my website I have some free downloadable drum circle mp3’s, & free djembe ringtones for your phone. No registering, or signing up for anything is necessary. If you do choose to purchase something from me, thanks in advance for helping out.

Check out the drum circle finder, & locate one in your area. The beauty of drum circles is they bring people from all paths together. Visit one & make some new friends.

The physical DVD is also available at Amazon for a few bucks more. (But no free CD is included.) It’s now available as a download at Amazon Instant Video for $14.


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