mohamed Alpha Ba – Cry African Child But Africa will Rise

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Tender-aged am I
Innocent as I am
Hear me NOW!
In modern servitude
Where the loading and offloading I am
At the battle fields
At the construction sites
In the factories
In market places
In the plantations
O’ along the roads
Battered beaten and bruise
Burnt banished and abuse

Behold the future generation I am
But here am I
Orphaned who is rejected
Abducted only to be exploited
Mutilated and drugged.
Today we are depressed but not crushed
Perplexed but not in despair
Sidelined but still in the race
Abandoned but not destroyed
Forsaken but yet God’s chosen
O’ hear me NOW!

Pretty bud I am
Growing out of mud am I
A blessed child
Tamed in captive mind
Robbed out of precious stone
Left me neither broken nor torn
But still a
Shining coal complexion I am
Treasure in the nation’s eye
A hope for the future
A pure seed of true virtue
A fragrant leaf of uncorrupted nature

Today tears shed I am
Tomorrow scream upon the mountains am I
To those who are stealing our goods
To those who are derailing our milk
To those who had deprived us
That surely Africa will rise
African children will smile
Forever like in the sky…

mohamed Alpha Ba


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