micheal udenyi – African queens

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African queens are beautiful
they are surpple and sweet
they are loving and caring
with all the qualities expected of a woman

African queens are humble
the maintain a rich culture
they are wonderfully made
they are meek and respectful

Some may even wish to ask
”what about thier kings? of which i’m one
African kings are wise
they travel far and wide

Traveling they say
is part of education
African kings are educated
they go in search of greener pastures

African queens are pretty
they are marriable materials
and a rare commoditty
can’t be given in exchange for gold

Theeeey are virtous
they are the pride
of the men who marry them
and a blessing to her children

African queens are respectfunl
they are the desire of most continents
they are the epithome of beauty
and the life of her home

she does not cause problems
neither does she scatter her home
she brings peaceany where she goes
she is the glory of her nation

Strangers realised this
and took our queens to wife
why then do we sell our rights
o you kings of Africa

Why marry from abroad
when we have so many at home
let us all come home
and marry our virgins queens at home.

micheal udenyi


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