Melvina Germain – (914) African Nightmare Continues

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Sad porcelain mouths,
grace once-handsome ebony faces of tribal men.
Beautiful lost smiles of women and children.
Lost to a slow-growing, enigmatic, detestable virus.
Strong, vibrant and fit men no more,
reduced to gaunt, frail, skeleton-like bodies.
Crawling in the soil, begging for help.
Fearful, helpless people, dying without dignity.
Babies lie crying beside their mothers’ lifeless bodies,
due to the infestation of a horrific virus, known
to man as AIDS,
Threatened, weakened, with no strength to run,
Tall innocent men, brought down to their knees.
Shortly thereafter a painful good-bye.
Settling them into a deep, deep sleep,
until the end grows nigh.

Written: August 29/06

Melvina Germain


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