Learn How To Create Your Own Email Domain With Cpanel Then Send & Receive Via Gmail

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Learn how to create your own email domain inside Hostgator Cpanel http://TheWiseAffiliate.com

So you have your first website setup and running on your own domain name, but you’re still using a free email address from hotmail or Gmail. Now if this is a business website it doesn’t look good sending emails from johndoe[at]hotmail.com

This tutorial video is going to show you how to create your own email address that uses your own domain, it’s very easy to do this from within the Hostgator Cpanel.

Once the email address has been created, I’m then going to show you how to setup your new domain email address so that you can send and receive the email from inside your existing Gmail account. That way you’ll not need to check multiple email accounts everyday.

If you run into any problems just post a comment.


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