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Kuku (coucou) djembe rhythm. Emerson and ousmane (on douns) show you how to play the kuku like they play it in Guinee. Recorded in Kotu Quarre (Gambia) 2009.


ROOM No 237 says:

When he hits the drum notice his hand is on the edge and are mostly flat
and fingers come down together at the same time. to get that ping sound
that you hear you simply come in at an angle like a slight chop so that
your pointer finger middle finger and ring finger whip down. try it a few
times and have fun with it.

lambertech says:

Plastic fucking chair

emersonfofana says:

Hello, I’m Emerson in the video. I’m giving djembe lessons in Denmark where
I live now. Thanks for all the comments!

ConradJacob says:

oké bedankt!

Cello85 says:

1:27 the guy dancing 😀

Kevin Pereira says:

Wrist movement, coupled with the amount of tension in the hand. If your
hand is tense, and you hit with the lowest part of your fingers first, you
get a tone, if you keep the hand totally relaxed the top part of your
fingers hit more and you get a slap.

drumsticks100 says:

@ConradJacob Its where you touch the goatskin mostly and of course how you
touch the skin, short and leaving the skin to ressonate or stop it
ressonate by pressing a bit longer. A skilled drummer only thinks about the
melody and his fingers will produce the right sound. Een beetje eelt op de
vingers door veel spelen helpt nogal ;-))

lucazambo1 says:


werweluszka says:

I love the way they sounds… great! 😉

megasuchy says:

I love this version.

trapperjaw says:

thats well wikid! artistry permits for maneouver, in this case of a beat or
given rythm modifying it. these guys know thier thing however they play it
the rhythm is still recognisable. just like u n i did.

BaratoneKing1 says:

That was Smooove. Thnx

drowe77 says:

love it. love it. love it.


this is the one i was taught

basikrecordings says:

i played djembe for several years, and you don’t think about how to play
the tone. you just do it, great trick is sing the melody. And if your
djembe skills are better, you don’t think about your rythm but your playing
the other rythm in your head, more and more you will see the total image of
the song. you will play a rythm, you sing the lyrics and in your head
you’re with the other rythm. You will simply go to the other parts of the
music without any troubles. and easly play with left or right

ConradJacob says:

cant stop loving this video!

shittylee1 says:

3 lord infamous’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt DeLeon says:

I like his phrasing.

ConradJacob says:

how does he get those different Tone sounds by hardly moving his

DoJouke Bridges says:

didi I just see a duck ?? lol

ConradJacob says:

geweldig! lekkere groove!

Michael Gold says:

whoever the five people are who voted thumbs down are idiots. these chaps
rule! the patterns are nothing too terribly complicated, but the GROOVE is
infectious. of coarse that is what it is all about. THE GROOVE!

olivier giovalle says:

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