konye ori – A worrying African child

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Was hope here only when the Amazon queen Nzhinga
and Nehanda, the Mbuya, of Zimbabwe fought to shield us from slave ships?

Was pride gone after Yaa Asantewa addressed the chiefs
in that secret meeting in Kumasi?

Did the warmth of home die with Queen Kahina, when she wrestled
into the swords of the camel riding men?

Was leadership only when Shaka ruled over Zulu?
When Mansa Mussa ruled over Mali? Or when Askia ruled over Songhay?

As dark as the ages were, King Khufu built the pyramids
As dark as the ages were, a University stood in Timbuktu
As dark as the ages were, Imhotep out shone the moon with wisdom

Today the ages shine like it was twin with the sun
yet we cannot see our way to a better tomorrow.

What chased the once leading and liberal hill-gods away?
Was it the same thing that placed these curses on us?

Kwame Nkrumah, chanted his incantations
Sacrifices were offered by Nnamdi Azikiwe.
Patrice Lumumba cooked his concoctions
and the divinations of Nelson Mandela
has been great.

Indeed, our native Juju-men have tried
But the land is too sick for a few of them to heal,
Who will complement their works?

konye ori


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