Karel Maans – I Am Human I Am An African I Am A South African

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Does my skin makes me not to be respected as human
Does my skin makes me not to be part of a new society
Am i to be blame for the mistakes of the past government
Were i not a child? in those days

Am i not respecting the memories of the fallen brothers and sisters
They who suffered under opression and rejection
They who touch the hearts of many countries affection
Pressing the South African government to stop the racism action
I am human, why hurting me due to the tone of my skin colour

A new freedom has start, a new vision that i thaugt will be mine
Shame; shame on selfish governments,
Shame on those who continue the rebirth of a new democratic apartheid system
I am human, dont blame the tone of my skin colour
I am an african just like you
I am human 100 percent South African a AFRICAN
Flesh and blood
I am human, I am an African, Iam a South African

Karel Maans


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