Justin Bieber singing – With You – Chris Brown Cover –

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Justin Drew Bieber singing a snippet of With You by Chris Brown.
Justin Bieber is a young 13 y.o. Canadian artist : he sings, plays the guitar, the piano, the keyboard, the drums and the African Djembe. He is a very good dancer, too.
JUSTIN (Bieber)’s links
Band Website http://www.youtube.com/kidrauhl
MySpace URL: http://www.myspace.com/justinbieber
Fan Site : http://www.myspace.com/justinbieberfan


ayça konuk says:

aşkım bitanesin seeeen

ayça konuk says:

aşkım bitanesin seeeen

fluffy199 says:

ça me plait ! 😮 ,…………

lisendela says:

Sexy. anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? ..!

necy1234 says:

goood job justin i believe you can do it!!!ur gnna make it one day.u might dont no me but one day someone gonna regret getting mad at you.

Su BIEBER says:

YrMmm SNiii

hilaryduffstyle says:

trop beau !!!!

betul41 says:

ilk şarkısı galiba evde çekmiş ama yinede sesi harika kendiside tabi

angelliv says:

i heard abt ths young boy before…and i wonder who is he..
wow…he’s terrific even before he’s become singer..thumbs up Justin..

kair1425 says:

i love his singing amazing

Cannard-love says:

Une petite merde trop pourri gaté

Sera Demirkol says:

I love your songss veryyyyy muchhh and now I understand why did they choose you 😀

auréline duchemin says:

i love you justin

tayloro20010 says:

OOOH NICe he is sooo cute and hescute at 15 now and then he wuz 13 oh yea luv ya!!!!!

Macoccinelle says:

Hello boy ! I’m French but i speak english …well , i want to say …you’re so sexy and your song is very very very nice ! I love <3

97ipek97 says:

onun plak şirketiyle anlaşma yapıcamm.. 😀

angi-marie says:

une voix pleine démotion.je suis vraiment sous le charme!!!quel talent.il n’y a qu’un mot GENIALE!!!

Starck says:

vraiment genial !!!

krystal natasha strickland says:

2 cute this is adorable 🙂

Angela says:

Wow! You gave me goosebumps. Your amazing && verry adorable. 🙂 Your famous hunnie. 🙂

abc123_lovey says:

ur good. and cute.

Erin says:

ur so cute.. AND TALENTED!!!! its a good mix

housecat says:

two thumbs up

Cloud Strife says:

This video is awesome

chadwicks12 says:

you are great! you to make your own songs and make a record.

amanda_dawn_hughey says:

thats really good singing.

Daniel Page says:

Your very good add me as your friend

pinkhorsing says:

waw it’s so great

Mavrika1 says:

For those who wish to watch Justin dancing, there are two videos on You Tube :

Billie Jean by Michael Jackson – Justin dancing


Justin dancing to Yo by Chris Brown


Matt says:

He is talented all right. Thanks for adding it to the group.

lucy_the_drama_queen says:

ur amazing at singing
wot dancing do u do??

Hatier Pierre says:

Impressionnant. Vraiment impressionnant.

milda_lithuania says:

belle voix :}

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