Justice Uchenna Mmahi – THE AFRICAN CHILD (1976)

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I’am the future
the last gift of nature
for my opinion
has no companion
my years of double
were my years of trouble

who i be?
Was like buzzing voices of bee
i’am Africa
a nomenclature like America
the name of a stigma
thy hope is an enigma
i lived in an island of poverty
right from my years of puberty

amidst oceans of material wealth
i ignorantly grope in search of health
i lived in helplessness
like path trodden with carelessness

i had been traumatized in heart
that i no longer feel home or hearth

i needed a helper
but was given an usurper
whom came with proud foot of anarchy
under the mereful eyes-watch of our monachies
they pampered me in pangs
that left stripes lines of scars and head bangs
iron- cloth me with chains of humilation
battered marks-another scene of speculated action.

Justice Uchenna Mmahi


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