Jessica Nobubele Frame – African Mama

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African Mama as she struts down the catwalk
African mama with that multi-colored headdress
Vuluptuous woman
Independant woman

A woman of style
Africa’s pride

Not fasion model’s skinny legs
and flat bottom
Not half-shrunk cloth over disapearing waistline

Curves of Africa
Beauty of Africa
She is unconventional
Rich Beauty

Shocked faces stare as she transforms the stage
with her multi-faceted elagance
with her charm
and many colours

She is proud to be a woman
She she is mother
she is daughter
she will one day be grandmother telling stories around fireplaces

Her beauty is more than magazines
more than clothing
Her beauty is in who she is
In her free spirit
In her deep soul
In her rhythem
And in her heritage

She is Mama Africa
A woman of beauty

Jessica Nobubele Frame


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