Intro. to the Djembe (Hand Drum)

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Canadian folk musician Jesse Ferguson gives a basic introduction to buying, maintaining and playing the djembe hand drum (techniques that also apply to bongo…


DELLBOY177 says:

Damn Jesse, you have a kid?! Great video as always though. 

Brent Steffen says:

Another good instructional vid, Jesse. Very interesting

docwilkey says:

I have one myself and use it as I play on a Church praise band.

Mike Daniels says:

Thanks for the video. the low sound is called a Dum (doom), and the high
sound is a tek. you get a much bassier dum if you rest your off hand
partially on the skin.
i would also like to offer a tip incase your djembe suffers the same fate
as mine, if you end up with a small hole in the skin you can patch it with
duct tape. it wont affect the sond to much. it will make your dums a bit
more bassy.

WysteriaGuitar says:

sounds richer than a cajon

Dreoilín O'Coigligh says:

Thanks for sharing buddy! I have played for years recreationally, and to my
Wife’s dismay I bought one for our 5 and 4 yr old boys who love learning
rhythm. The 1 yr old just smashes on it, I think he’s leaning towards the
tin whistle anyway. Good video!!! BTW: Nice Gerber flashlight ;-)

nytrayfl2 says:

What size is your drum?

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