Incredible Dununba Djembe Drum and Dance Party in Mantanlido (2), Guinea West Africa Part 2

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to see/hear more: Great dancing and drumming! short footage of dununba dance party


Josh McRogue says:

Beautiful! I Just composed an African orchestral piece and put it on my channel inspired by different genres from the continent.

7436santiago says:

that energy is african power

Nellie K. Adaba says:

I need to go to West Africa, my father’s place. I love African dance and music!

boomtao says:

I appreciate you posting this video, but it is very cut up!

dabandit756 says:

lol,lol I like..

dabandit756 says:

lol,lol I like..

ConsciouslyCreate211 says:

These are the children of your African Mothers and Fathers/Ancient Ancestors Where you Cubans got your cult-ure. Show respect.

Nigriff says:

who feels it knows it !

wonder heart says:

makes my heart race mmmm proper

Kaheynu Pau says:

My Lord. yes. yes. yes.! 🙂

ReSigurd says:

great!i love this warm rythm

trapperjaw says:

oh my god feel the energy

Les Brown says:

This is great. If this is Part2 please point me to the other parts of this clip. I’ve lost my way. Thanks.

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