How to Tune a Djembe, Rope Tuning Instructions – X8 Drums

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Close Learn how to tune your rope tuned djembe. Kenya Masala will show you step by step instructions on how to create diamonds with the extra rope on your drum in order to tighten the drum head. He also explains what a tuned djembe should sound like as well as advanced instructions on how to create a second row of diamonds for drums that need extra tightening. Lastly you will learn how to re-wrap the extra rope around your drum once you finish tuning. Find tons of djembe lessons at http


Brice Minor says:

literally thanks alot

Vin Flores says:

sorry i should have waited for the end of the video.:-)

Vin Flores says:

lets say i have done all this full circle and need to connect using the rope to whe pre-existing diamonds (twisted beginning)

Alex TheSkank says:

good video my man!

Richard Murphy says:

Fantastic video. Very helpful.

robbiemac123 says:

Thank you Kenya!! really appreciate it

John Osinski says:

I was looking for how to do this, great info and well explained! Sweet!

Kevin Pereira says:

ideally, with a real west african hard wood djembe, and a west african goat skin, it should barely move when you push in the center, from my experience. If you want the best dynamic range from the drum.

Barry de Jager says:

Mate your a Legend!!! Thanks a lot!

AllanLantoY says:

Thank you so much!

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