How to tune a djembe, How to rope tune a djembe, Guinea djembe

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See how the pros rope tune a djembe.


Shannon Lewis says:

This is a very good video and I’ve been wanting to know this method for a long time. I just have a problem,and i hope you can help me with it. I am not sure how i start. My knots look tied up and I keep taking them down and do it over and i know i’m doing the right thing. The djembe you used in the video,has less knots on the ring than mine. My djembe has knots all round with no spaces,but i’ve tried and tried. Please let me know how to start. Thanks. Great video!

Christian Solorzano says:

a question how do you keep the skin balanced, i mean when i did it because of the pressure the skin is inclined to the side I started лос knots

mennodjembe says:

the first line of knots should have crossed the other two ropes ,(closing the attechments on the ring, not opening them) so this is not such a good example, sure square wheels role as well but there is another way..that allows you to make a third row..not so confusing as well, also when you use a stick between the ropes, you have less friction and wearing down of your precious rope..

dragonflyshards says:

Yes!..I watched this listening to music and got it.(though i went back to make sure,and the sound & instruction are good) But the clear visual is the main thing …and As i suspected,NO SPECIAL TOOLS ARE REQUIRED as some videos suggest. (in fact,i didn’t even use the drumstick…But i will next time! -ow!- ) Thanks! (ps- “djembe maintenance”= Same video + how to tie it off & other instruction.)

shellybytheseashore says:

I got it!!!! YEAH!!! Thanks so much for your help! 🙂 GREAT instruction! Shelly fr. NS

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