How to: Play an African Drum Wooden Basic Beats

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This guy sold me a couple of drums from his very high-end super fly flea market stand somewhere in South Africa (ca. 2001) and through in the lesson very cool cat. I’m locating some info on him and how you can contact him to buy drums and give him a plug here… if you’re him let me know 🙂 This Clip including but not limited to the audio and video is the sole property of Stephen C. Lancaster all rights reserved; Exclusively owned


greatobehome says:

Way cool! Wow, this was amazing. Thank you for sharing. This was so fun to listen to and learn from!

maisry says:

I want his shirt!

minecraftmania007 says:

WOOOOOO MINECRAFT!! wrong video :p

Normthedrummer says:

Nice video. I also have some djembe videos for those starting out. Check out my channel, thanks, Norm the drummer.

peterlevel says:

aye dis man playin a calypso ………. well i never lol good man.. well he trying

peterlevel says:

aye dis man playin a calypso ………. well i never lol good man

philsando2 says:

nie vid bruv learned a lot. peace

Tygerlady99 says:

Wow, he’s good! Loved watching the video.

cloudime says:

awsome South African guy – i was there for a year, love it!

bigcenter50 says:

drum needs some tuning

o0oAyo0o says:

haha 3:33 the first rhythm my teacher showed me!! Ta-ka-dun-ta
Very Very nice to have captured this! South Africa has alllot of amazing djembe drummers!!

tothpotty23 says:

very nice

bluestreak711 says:

I’m Curious to know if he’s left handed.
Most people keep the metronome like rhythm with their non dominant hand while adding extra beats with their dominant hand.

opus88888 says:

This guy is south african, djembe is part of his culture.

opus88888 says:

This man is african from South Africa.

stephen23493 says:

wow thanks man i needed that for church

arraceline says:

we all are all human

420International says:

Look everyone. It doesnt matter if u r black white purple or whatever. Music is music. And the drum is in EVERYONE. For example your heartbeat. everyone can play the drums. dont hate. Appreciate. Music is about spreading love and happiness. Not money or other material things. That comes with the talent. Peace.

superpwned80 says:

woooo hippy drums!!

Ycorporation2010 says:

Culture , divide us from getting together ,! we’re all the same humans . Keep on being slaves. believing that you belong in a culture..

android125 says:

What is the culture dude? I know the culture of SA. I was born there and lived there for many years. It is a melting pot of many many cultures. It is an interesting place, a place of many races, languages and tribes. Is not the electric guitar the modern interpretation of the spanish stringed instrument?

deccbi says:

he can play but he doesnt know the culture.

and the electric guitar is a modern interpretation of african string instruments…

deccbi says:

i appreciate what your saying as a human but as a griot and an african to water down the rhythms or teach others how to play without the foundation is bothering me. if he had said how to play contemporary beats on a djembe i wouldnt mind but he is not. and the fact that people label djembe as african is ignorance djembe is a mande instrument or west african, not one that is shared. even if it was an african from ethiopia teaching it it would be wrong style

jessiethe3rd says:

Dude don’t be an idiot.

Freedom21stCenturi says:


H20JustAddH20 says:

Ahh stupid white people,
the Djembe drums is to awaken the African godess.
and now you guys start copying what ever the fuck we do
thinking you know what you’re doing

Sad sheep, go to sleep.

7777CHECK says:

damnnnn i love it

donjoelione says:

bullshit video but the tittle does “basic beats” so none of us should be expecting a world of information from this video. if you think this guys is good practice triplets and accents and I promise you will be able to make just as much noise as this guy.

icoach73 says:

This guy has obviously put some time into honing his skills… just look at his fingers if you have doubts. Nice beats!

teddy1181 says:

you de best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LynX1969 says:

He’s awesome, great rhythm, way above average skill – I missed at first he was South African too (no doubt the main influence) – anyway thanks for posting! How are the drums you bought from him?

daftdawn6 says:

Ive just started this and found this video really helpful 🙂

inexuno says:

This helps thank you!!


Not my favorite sound, but i like my drums tighten up quite a bit. This man has some chops! A lot better than most of what i see on YouTube. Thanks for the video!

naisula says:

Amazing skills! I love that he shows you his rhythms slowly at first, gradually speeding up and building on it. Thanks for sharing.

ekzoekzo says:

you guys are sick for having a problem with this video… really sick

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