How to Play African Drums : Six Sounds of a Djembe Drum

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Combine six different sounds on a djembe to tell a story with music. Learn how to make six sounds on a djembe drum in this free African drum video from a mus…


Marlena VanHelsing says:

Thats Ok..thanks for saying…we still love you

222dougo says:

I am gay

jeb Valeroso says:

Pata Drum!

CareyPortnoyBeauford says:


impulsobytheshades says:

hey friends, i just bought a djembe, it is used and it sounds weird with a reverberation with echo, anyone knows what could be the causes of this? and how to solve it? i would appreciate if you can help me, regards

TheFishcutterbossman says:

thank you!!!

Lanre Mabinuori says:

Thanks for posting this Video! Am trying to learn it, but its a pity the videos are too short.

Blastie BeatsEDM says:


JeterSwisherFan88 says:


I’m thinking about buying a djembe at some point myself, but there are tons from which to choose. Perhaps you can look up types of djembes before finding the one that suits you the most. That’s what I’m doing.

Best wishes.

Tha Oppressed says:


mo bahci says:

he is good

captainmendossa says:

breaking the codes. nice

Senior Froghammer says:

sweet, helpful thanks!
I got a djembe yesterday, very fun!

aan0409 says:

Wow, where did you get your djembe? Did you make it? I get all of mine from the heartwood project! It sounded so crisp and the sound travels perfectly!

xTheNIL8Rx says:

that djembe sounds so sexy.

expertvillage says:

No problem! Thank you for watching our videos.

acidfilly says:

thank you very much for posting these….

Jose Luis says:

Keep playing does Africans Drums, never stop playing it. This is where the Bomba and Rumba comes from its from west Africa you guys are the best.


fantastic..i like the vibe of your style as well …dont cut your hair man

peterpuehringerausll says:

true !

opus88888 says:

¿Entonces según tú cuáles son los sonidos básicos?

olly660 says:


HipnoticBeatz says:

Nice technique

BerkLeeDrm says:

give him all your money then,youll feel better for it

idontknowanname says:

I’m almost 17, and I’ve been playing for almost 10 years. From my experience I can tell you, you’ll most likely have problems with some tricky things the first year, but once you get to know the rythms and know how they sound together, you can start playing solo’s and invent your own solos! I’m pretty good with the feeling and rythms but I always say: 1 extra slap on a djembe that isn’t part of the rythm, is A SOLO! Good luck to you and have fun!

MingTheMerciful says:

i only just started but this is good.

superpwned80 says:

this is so much better than the other djembe one that white guy from texas made

julio paredes says:

que chafa!!!!

Hellas Kouklaki says:

I was fortunate enough today to learn a bit about playing these drums..and fortunate enough to actually have a hands on lesson!! WOW I loved it..Now I’m so wanting to learn more…LOVE THEM!!

moss52 says:

Hows that 6 sounds. Thats 3. I know a Djembe Master from the Ivory coast who can actually play 6 or more sounds. According to this video he can doule that number cos he has two hands.Doh.

ConradJacob says:

cant really hear the differnce between Dun and Gun, but it could be me

solomonpilot767 says:

well,the dumbek is very hard drum 2 learn but,jimbe is much easier!

willforty2 says:


2nd video…

Amorphic at GC Studios 2 (Drum Video)

davelewitt says:

btw this shouldn’t be on expert village because
this guy actually knows what he’s doing

davelewitt says:

very nice!! love the feel on that warm-up
the BB TT SS one–

AtamanashiDrummer says:

This guys a very djembe player! The mic is rubbish, but he knows what he’s doing. Big sounds from that drum!

DHmusicmaster says:

yikes the mike is seriously struggling.

CB750K0 says:


brownieblush says:

ONLY legit expertvillage.

LadyLibraNMore says:

Now this is someone that I will call an EXPERT. Even when the sound quality is poor for the video, I can still ‘feel’ the rhythm of his drum.

lee2197 says:

wow tht sounds soo gr8 im gonna practice it in schl

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