How to Play African Drums : Making Bass Sounds on a Djembe Drum

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Use a flat palm to make bass sounds on a djembe drum. Learn how to use your hands to create deep bass sounds on a djembe in this free African drum video from…


Jan Sebon says:

My name is Jan Sebon. Thank you so much.

Jan Sebon says:

I really love that and I also teach a lot of other children. i want to know she is doing on her drum journey. is she still playing?. I am grateful to hear that. Jan Sebon

Jan Sebon says:

Thank you GG, I am from Haiti and I learned the Djemje from West african Teachers, I live now in Loves Park, IL. Tahnk you for watching.

o0miza0o says:

I am thinking about buying a djembe. Is it a good idea to buy one off Ebay? And what kind do you guys recommend I get? Please let me know as soon as possible 🙂 Thank You

divapeng26 says:

Excellent Correct

wwwaldo333 says:

What are the dimensions of that drum?

gblkpearl says:

Awesome instructions!! Love all the drum videos you took the time to post!

kathrynhansen100 says:

wonderful, I just bought a Djembe Drum, thank you. Kathryn

James Leonardo says:

Damn right.

Bassist10288 says:

Because they’re in for the music, not because they get off being teachers

Brendan Clarke says:

Very good. I like the teacher

James Leonardo says:

Why is it the black man that only makes the good video in Expert Village?

Manuel Barraza says:

My djembe is very little and i cant do those porweful sounds 🙁

Matthew Chen says:

looks fun, my roommate wouldn’t think so though…

Nick Green says:

I love that I can learn more about what this instrument actually is and the very cultured background behind it. It makes me want to buy one more

Marie Ross says:

Love, love your tutorials. I have a eight year old daughter that is learing from your videos. We have no place to go to take lessons. She loves it. Thanks for such clear instructions.

DeafCoustics says:

we need a name for this dude, love his tutorials, full of feeling and yes better than the last one if I may be bold enough to say 🙂 Thanks guys 🙂

Anthony Carroll says:

Thats not really a thing to “joke” about, cause man, its going to come back on you one day.

George Guest says:

Sir, I don’t know who you are or where you came from, but your lessons are FANTASTIC! Very clear, very helpful…God Bless You! Keep them coming…

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