How to Play African Drums : Learning New Sounds on a Djembe Drum

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There are many ways to play a djembe drum. Learn how to discover new sounds on a djembe in this free African drum video from a musician. Expert: Jan Sebon Contact: Bio: Jan Sebon is a poet, musician, teacher and media personality who continues to define the Haitian experience with a unique voice based on his own life experiences and culture. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


xXShredder989Xx says:


ironwork92000 says:

This guy is Bananas!

Djembe Indonesia says:

good i am supplier djembe from indonesia

NicholasGreen91 says:

This is one of the best videos for Djembe instruction available on the internet. The only things better I’ve ever seen as far as media goes is real Djembefola instructional DVDs, hard to find. If you want to be good at djembe, you must embrace it’s culture. Its not a rock instrument, its not a latin instrument, its a drum from West Africa once used in every aspect of live, even could be used for conversations because of the elegant playing and distinct tonality. Be free to learn, not judge

kid equinox says:

Black King !!! thank you

onespiritful1 says:

Great lesson thank you so very much God Bless

1kifuu says:

stupid hippy hitting a drum, and others say remove all videos by those not worthy….. where are you guys coming from, and the drummer girl connects with the earth when she hears a drum yet could throw a rock at a hippie? .its supposed to be a relaxed thing for anyone to try and enjoy, its music, its spiritual and we’re all spiritual, love and peace

carlosolokum says:

hablas mas de lo que tocas !!

DrummerGrrrl says:

glorplaxy: Hahahaha! You are so right! Hope you don’t live in or around Seattle! God, you could throw a rock and hit a hippie clutching a hand drum! The first time I heard that playing hand drums made me connected to everyone on earth, plants and animals, I nearly barfed! LOL. Guess I’m just not in tune to my third eye or something!

onespiritful1 says:

Good instruction Thanks God Bless

EastonRoy says:

Playing the Djembe with balance allows for a certain degree of multiple elements functioning in harmony. Discussing the Djembe should also allow for a degree of ideals coming together to acheive balance within the topic. An open mind is one that has the capacity for growth.

jessiethe3rd says:

A.) bad playing technique. B.) Horrible sounding Drum.

tommynemec2 says:

Awesome! Sounds great! Im just getting into Djembe myself, just wondering, I have the opportunity to get a great deal on a 26×15 and a 24×13, which one would be a better base (low tone)?

TeamAlwayzHonest says:

uhmm. lizzy blake?

FiaBallProduction says:

thanx for your lessons king

didjmark says:

@Drumwiz2001 – “they are ignorant to the tradition of the intrstrument”
Sorry, but I disgagree that an instrument has to be played in a certain way. It has to be played for enjoyment of the player mainly, not to be better than the next person or show how fast you play or that you know a particular song or story. I play both didgeridoo and djembe, but with a western 4-4, 3-4 or 12-8 timing. I like drum & bass and hip hop beats, but more so I like playing, especially within groups and at parties.

Pyrofries says:

Now this man knows what he’s talking about.

Fairestt says:


jasoneric says:

Why don’t you teach those ‘stupid’ hippies how to do it then? Oh wait, you probably can not do any better, and you probably do not even own a drum. If you did, you would not have the attitude you have, imbecile.

PointBlankNZ says:

Practicing musicians / learners, if you could fill out my easy 4 question survey for my research project it would be much appreciated. The link is in the info of my video called practicing musicians thanks.

hamjamnspamalot says:

At last… expert (and not an “expert” lol) who has at least a neat and tidy room and not one with a couch full of laundry LOL. And doesn’t look look like one of the Mario Brothers.

rich991980 says:

Well said. As Mamady Keita says ,the djembe knows no colour or race, only who is playing it. It’s all about having the knowledge and knowing the tradition.

icewalker23 says:

this guys always does a really good job in the minute something seconds they give him. he pulls the sound out of the djembe so effortlessly and what he does is simple enough to remember and practice. thx!

brendiddy123 says:

Totally agree with mlcoo17 – only vid i’ve seen from ‘expert’ village with an actual expert

MZJUNE123 says:

lt is good

oluwalogbon58 says:

have you listened to the EXAMPLES I SET OUT IN MY COMMENT CURTISDEANMUSIC????…. thought not… its like an african playing 17th century harpsichord… music and really getting into Beethoven’s 5th . can never be the same.. cant it now?.

curtisdeanmusic says:

thank god westerners didn’t feel this way when a bunch of africans picked up western instruments a started playing them, cause if we did, there would never had been jazz or blues. Its also good that people can plainly see the best way to better themselves musically and to make themselves sound better is by making those around them seem worse, and by tearing those around us down.

curtisdeanmusic says:

and piano can only be taught by western compossers who died 200 years ago and guitar can only be learned in southern spain

makeme400 says:

no matter what ethnicity anybody comes from,(Hatian or whatever) in order to REALLY play djembe, you must learn it from the very people who created it, the Mandingue ethnic group of western Africa.

MysticVideos says:

awesome i learned something

sandow1000 says:

hahahahhahahha i don´t think so

husajnsnk says:

fajnie fajnie 😉
spoko gosc ma dready

oluwalogbon58 says:

you put that brilliantly gloryplaxy, the problem with westerners is that they dont do african drums much justice. wearing a dashiki and playing at being a drummer jus doesnt cut it am afraid, when you do hear the real thing its amazing just how the difference in sound is… for real african drums you turn to africa.. imitation is flattering but isnt the real thing.. sorry.. for yoruba drum examples.. “lagbaja’s skentele , or konko below ” are good examples..

yusufsydney says:


Küçük Yunus Darbuka Show 3

yusufsydney says:


juanmartin1212 says:

As always, another “expert”village video that shows nothing, absolutely nothing. Its way far from being a “how to” video.

maceo69 says:

LOL yes guy!

HarpinHank Hogan says:

Thanks for posting ! I am so vindicated !
I can’t help it if all the girls get up and start dancing

bdrums777 says:

i agree. much like most people that say they can play the acoustic

glorplaxy says:

The djembe sounds much nicer when it is being played by someone who knows what he is doing rather than some stupid hippy at a drum circle who picked the drum up at Pier 1.

komadich says:

I don’t know, basing on the accent I wouldn’t say so. And also on the style of playing…

3mappa3 says:

Interesting – thanks for the clarification. Is this fellow Burkinabe?

komadich says:

True. In the countries in W.Africa where the djembe has been present for more than let’s say 30 years (Guinea, Mali, Burkina, Ivory Cost) the griots play the instruments that are traditionally reserved for them, that is balafon, kora, … In Burkina however, griots play also drums.

3mappa3 says:

A brief observation re: his comment about the griots. As I understand it, griot families are carriers of the musical traditions and oral histories of communities in much of West Africa, but the are NOT generally the drummers. To be a griot, you must be BORN a griot. Presumably, anyone who shows interest and learns to play well can be a drummer. In fact, there is often friction between the griots and the drummers in West African society.

3mappa3 says:

Nice introduction — thank you, expertvillage, for actually posting somebody who knows how to play and teach djembe. Next step: remove those other “experts” on your channel who have no idea what they are doing.

soptamer says:

sweet… very very good

boogalou2003 says:

Redrock, I was taking West African drumming with Jon Sebon and I learned the right way to play the djembe. He is a great teacher. I love african drumming

Kaja Pistor says:

tnx for these tutorials!

redrock505 says:

This is guy is so cool

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