How to Play African Drums : Kuku Rhythm on a Djembe Drum

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Kuku rhythm is very popular all over Africa. Learn how to play kuku on a djembe in this free African drum video from a musician. Expert: Jan Sebon Contact: w…


passouuut says:

OMGADD i met him on a bus to edinburgh :D:D:D! xxxxxxxx

MultiGleekFreak says:

i play african drums and i have my own djembe

xxx777aaa says:

i am an american djembe player check my video out and ill add a tutorial too!

davelewitt says:

it’s just the call rhythm to kuku, but it is correct, which makes you wonder why it’s on expert village-
nice post- good job!!!

AtamanashiDrummer says:

Wow! A correct call!! This guy is brilliant!!

fjeinca says:

In this video he does not play kuku, he only plays the call or signal.

circleofdrums says:

The expertvillage video is not playing. All the others do. Why’s this?

Godsmack0Believe says:

This guy is one of the best teachers on expert villege, everyone else their sucks

James Farrell says:

Why do all the commercial videos have so many ratings? And all 5 stars!

Benjamin Chisolm says:

thanks for posting this video

arcsteryx says:

dudes, He did not do Kuku, just a “call”. That call is probably the most popular of all and is used for a very wide range of rythms.

See his part 2 vid for the actual kuku rythm

Retrofreshhh says:

Very perceptive! That’s true. Great rhythms in that song.

Jose Angulo says:

it has the same rythm than the main rifff of AFRICA from TOTO

gnarlyphotography says:

omg he’s black

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