Harouna Dembele – Djembe Kan – BaraGnouma

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www.baragnouma.com Harouna Dembele teste un djembé pour l’atelier BaraGnouma à Bobo-Dioulasso spécialisé dans la fabrication d’instruments de musique traditi…


Sohowin says:

C’est vraiment excellent!

Paul Truswell says:

All awesome but the top tones at 4.03 > 4.08 and later towards the end are just… heaven!

Also love the way it starts making out it’s just going to be a bass/tone/slap lesson :D))

WahranRai says:

C’est Harouna Djembele qui joue !

droadcman says:


jean baptiste heirich says:

slt harouna je ne pence pas que tu te rapel de tamtam toucouleur en france mais jai jouer avec toi et finalement je suis parti vivre en nouvelle caledonie voila gros bisoux la tite troupe yelemba dabidjan

MikeipodMyTouch says:


kaseo23 says:


DimVogaz says:

FANTASTIC and sooo clear!! Harouna is the man!!

afrorcan96 says:

I almost stood up to dance! A real musician. I wonder what his heartbeat is like?

Marlonn Funtanilla says:

awesome playing! you have a great drum there, i love the tuning.

Bruni Kleinert says:

Wow, all three tones are loud and clear. Played very well. What kind of djembe?

Mike Stenberg says:

The slaps are great! All the three tones are distinctive and separated.

fababobo says:

@MrTHLeboss21, merci pour le commentaire 🙂

Thomas Fallet says:

Respect !!! ;)

RebrnEmpwrd says:

These have got to be the best GODOs I’ve ever heard, through speakers anyway!!

Elise. B. says:

il est fort mais j’aime pas tro le son de la peau de son djmbé

3mappa3 says:

Outrageously good. Props.


mary + beer + djambe=

For4ChanWithLove says:

Jolie ! Ca doit être un 40″ parce que y’a de la surface xD… Les prix sont par contre très abordables, un djembés 13″ a 150 € c’est un très bon prix pour la qualité ! ( + très esthétique ! )

Facundo CoLo Leguizamòn says:

Yeah man!

onetreedrums says:

no doubt, definitely one of my favorite jenbefolas of his generation

Worldmusicrevolution says:

my mistake. awesome drummer all the same.

onetreedrums says:

Harouna is from Burkina Faso

Jon Weaver says:

Yeah I was joking. Been playing for 12 years. Still lots of work to do.

Jon Weaver says:

Djembe Kan n’est jamais ‘traditionel’. Ca n’existe pas aux village

Jon Weaver says:

I now own the drum that Fadouba Olare played during a fete in Farannah. For some reason it just doesn’t quite sound the same when I play it. I put it down to climactic conditions…

Jon Weaver says:

Reminds me of Boka Camara’s playing (R.I.P). WIll be keeping my eyes open for this guy in the future!

Worldmusicrevolution says:

i love how they solo in Guinea

WetSkin6 says:

bien fait…
bass, slaps, open slaps and tabs and in between tabs…
tu montre les sons d´un djembe parfaitement….
le rhythme nést pas original africaine, mais la difference du son est très exacte…
jáime límprovisation

Lansing Scott says:

Nice sounds! Much respect.

Blind5988 says:

Respect (O_o’)

nanofar says:

eres un loco! seco!

Milli Denney says:

In één woord: Geweldig!

kandrums percusión says:

no te pases

trevor okoh says:


DarKLv8 says:

He makes sounds i never heard in a djambe :O. Great

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