Hand drum lesson #5 with a Remo djembe

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I will upload every week a drum-lesson. So here is part number five of my handdrum lessons. I’ll show you my style of Djembe playing, it’s not the traditional way of playing the Djembe. I play freestyle and this video shows you a freestyle beat you can use with other instruments. I’ll show you today a fill-in and a break. Please notice: I’m a left hand player, so if you sit in front of the screen, my left hand is your right hand. I hope you like it. Have a great week.


raymondorockon says:

awesome. Great step by step teaching,thanks for taking me to here.

djembegrobi says:

Thank you. I had many work to do in the last time. I’ll try to do more lessons in the next few weeks. Any special wishes?

bosterbauer33 says:

Have learned so much from your lessons. They are the easiest, most practical lessons I have found on the internet. You have stopped at 5 last October? There will be no more?

djembegrobi says:

Thank you

wrathallll says:

very well done indeed sir.

djembegrobi says:

thank you very much. I’m pleased to hear that my video’s are helpful. In notation I could only show you, how I write my stuff down for the djembe. I’m afraid that this is not the standard way.

djembegrobi says:

thank you

midlo74 says:

Your beginner hand drum lesson videos are very easy to follow and are great learning tools. Very helpful. Thanks! Any chance of a “how to write basic notation” lesson?

Larry Marc-Aurele says:

Good, well-explained video. Nice little performance at the end. Thumbs up!

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