Guitar And Djembe Jam – Guitar Lesson

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Get instant access to FREE guitar lessons at . Learn how to accompany a djembe in this free video guitar lesson. Nate Savage and Jared Falk play a guitar and djembe jam. Listen to how they compliment each other in specific areas of the song. . For more great free guitar lessons visit – . Resources –


IceColdTiger1 says:

=D I got one XD but This sounds alot better than me o.o

premiumblend100 says:

it’s alot of fun!!!

Tetu Shani says:

For the BEST djembe cover songs check out my channel!

IceColdTiger1 says:

screw the guitar!! I wanna learn the djembe XD

Davy Krief says:

AMAZING PERCUSSION’S : Davy Krief on Youtube !

Joe F says:

I just noticed there was a guitar in there too.

ToastedAndButter says:


PepeTheGnome says:

lol im a drummer and I watched this just for jared falk

voicesinmehead says:

i play guitar but I’m here for the djembe….Percussion is the shit also 🙂

777nieghborofthbeast says:

They smile at each other in the end as if they are in love.

mc lacrimoza says:

i love you guys <3

antikillerkp says:


Nayr5555 says:

Haha go Jared Falk!

superaltruisticgirl says:

Wow… That was simply AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you 🙂

vichogalaz says:

me ah servido mucho ..gracias 😀 😀 D

Cynthia G. says:

Amazing… I love this!!!!! Does anyone know what kind of djembe is this?? Thx!

Borisano says:

Hey, Santa. Please give me such talent for X-mas! Or, at least, djambe.

Phillip Roberts says:

That sounds like a fun groove. Think I’m gonna give it a shot. Talkin’ about the djembe, of course.

Jakub Slovacek says:

what incubus song is this

TheLisacampion says:

I can’t get enough of this video I keep playing it over and over again.
I want one of those drums for christmas. Thanks for inspiring.

skiteu1 says:

Who has ever played this video just once? 🙂

noob6887 says:

I didnt even search guitar…..
This is amazing

mrski says:

Jared rips it up on the Djembe!! (Nice guitar work too).

blueturtleman1 says:

Way cool dudes!

AnPhan82 says:

the dude on the djembe is amazing.

gblkpearl says:

What a total JAM!!! This was beautiful. I’d buy this and play for my yoga students! lol. Luv that djembe drum!!

JayB1rdy says:

What djembe exactly is that? I want on one too!

jturn784 says:

1:31 how the hell does he do that?????

Oleksandr S. says:

This should be a djembe lesson!

AnotherCitizen says:

I agree that guy is amazing. Did anybody else stop listening to the guitar?

DenisTheMennnace says:

yep – 14″

Matic Mirnik says:

How big is this djembe, 14″?

DenisTheMennnace says:

1:31 on the djembe is sick

artattacktattoo says:

FINALLY!  Someone that calls a Djembe a Djembe and not Bongos!!!! Great work guys!

35Reggae says:

ptin ils font ca super bien !!!!!

Matt Miller says:

Awesome!!! love all the videos they are extremely helpful and great quality as well. Thanks for all of the lessons.

Fahim Murshed says:

simply awsum!! so you know any website which will teach me to play the djembe like that????? cheers man!
love it (:

QueenNaija1 says:

Wow! I love it!

summer08romance says:

tabs tabs tabs ^^

Jøhn Servano says:


dragonshockey says:

that was magical.

jean keith says:

this is awesome!!!!!that djembefola can play.

DjembeDjam says:

Deadly jam! I think the djembe skin sounds really fudgin’ loose though…though that could be his preference 😀

Malfunction says:

You know, ive been looking around for quite some time for a good Djembe jam. Usually they’re amatures or “pro djembe” players, But nobody i’ve seen has had this much technique and rythm. I wish i could hear more of him!!

FeRsH13 says:

wow you two are great i love it
tallented couple!

geva90 says: a pro darbuka player, i mostlly do hennas and stuff—>and i never got soO0O0Oo energetic to move these stupidlly, but hey music is form of meditation who am i to tell you how to meditat(:

Jeremy Harper says:

Good shit guys! Loving it. 

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