GREAT !! Guinea Djembe Drum Spectac: Remarkable Dundun Solo!

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Mamen Garces says:

Muy buenos, buenísimos….flipanteeee…..

Brian Sechler says:

Absolutely sensational!!!

Tom Eveson says:

Intense, energizing, magnificent, breathtaking, timeless. Some of the words
going through my head!

angelicpraises says:

awesome awesome awesome!!!!! check out “Drum circle at Washington Park
Albany, New York” We’re trying to keep the motherland ALIVE in Albany.

Kosta Michalopoulos says:


AnarchiveMagnetik says:

superstars of the groove …yeah ! thanks

Samakoro says:

i love how fode comes out and gives his lil brother some cash flow…

versityle soundzz says:

hottness from farafinakan malari biguppssssss

Floralin says:

awesome ! Djembe talks to the heart ,man !

teslaphysics says:

My hands hurt just from watching these awesome guys!!!

Gixxerbabe says:

absolutely beautiful,remarkable,stunning and it just moves yah.I love
it,wish we could hear this more.Can’t wait for the day to go there and
submerse myself in the culture.

boginja86 says:

lol, this had me laughing

cybershadow58 says:

Guinea drummers are the fastest i have ever seen! Their style is lightning
fast and precisely syncopated with all the intricatesies of the dance
movements and expressions!! Dam, i can barely see it …it’s so fast!

lookup77 says:

Drumming makes my soul giggle

tusciapieva says:

Wow they have so much energy 😀

danielpeabody says:

Africa is holding the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Beautiful and healing.

JimmyPie23 says:

dang dude! people are going up there and just letting it rain!

smartman53 says:

Man I Jerry Gatlin have been Loving Djembe Drumming since 2004 almost five
years now I cant get enought of Djembe Drumming. 3-28-09.

AlMandingo says:

They are from the Boka Juniores!!! Boka will come in italy on Apryl!! Great

indigopower says:

I havent seen anyone caring about hiv poisoning all the people of
africa…how about some love caring brothers to add this spectacular
music.Come on wake up, no ones gonna help us

Martin Boyer says:

On se coirait en pleine jungle africaine il y a 200 ans! Époustouflant!!!

Alan Tauber says:

That is so inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to share that with us.
Awesome intensity!

drumcafe says:

thats it , i’m going back to stamp collecting.

Mark Melhuish says:


bass0092 says:

my hands would be sore after doing that

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