Grand Master Djembe Player!

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Sega Cisse is a 70 year old master djembe player from Mali. Amazing –


unibongo2009 says:

Third one is Numufoly wich is also played for the Garanke.

JonnyLikesPie says:

thats what we all used to do back in the way back

abid ali says:

i relley like

yiriba57 says:

The first one is Woloso and the second one I believe is Gui (sounu) , can’t make out the third one. The other djembe fola is Mambe.

yiriba57 says:

Go Grand Master Sega!!! 622,719 hits!! Sega was 70 when I met him in Bamako in 2000. Traveled with him to Nefer D’ Coura and Sibi Koro. By virtue of his AGE he qualifies as ‘Grand’, he is old enough to be a grand father and possibly a great-grand father. Over a life time he’s mastered djembe rhythms in his respective village and region nothing more. This is how he is recognized by HIS peers and community. If he knew 1/2 mill people all over the world has seen him he would be happy.

1ElizabethDiana says:

I wish i was there!

JakovHernandez says:

Awesomeee!! 😀

judsontbranam says:


Desertphile says:

“nice troll attempt”

I stated an opinion that is supported by the facts.

pueple69sunshine says:

beautiful! These girls dancing remind me of me dancing at drum circles around australia!!!

TheHijabfatima says:


Gregory Timmons says:

Search the word ‘drum line’ There will be plenty of white people doing the exact same thing.

shoshinzero says:

lol, if white people were doing this we wouldn’t have the vast majority of serial killers.

Avocadoslim87 says:


mirobeats says:

this is to feel!! not to talk!!

moxshyfter says:

If white people were doing this, everyone would call it talentless noise and downrate it.

kingkonut says:

THIS is the greatest these people have style the musician is amazing this is outstanding footage well done

kingkonut says:

yes I am white and I smoke crack

devinmyers100 says:

This is incredible. This is why I bought a djembe drum for the first time. What’s even better is that I purchased one that are are made by the very people who make them in Ghana which goes to support their livelihoods.

iszoj says:

This is so amazing!

DanDjembe says:

nice troll attempt

WolfShaman777 says:

Wonderful and transcendental drumming.. so soulful! Thanks for uploading it!

KillinDaWelfareMCs says:

It is a science of the soul, of meditation and higher conscious states through rhythm.

Desertphile says:

Actually, he kind of sucks. There are vastly better Djembe players, many of them in the USA.

Eugene Magina says:

art is not comparable, feel is neither , i wish you could only make ppl love you scientifical phenomenal drumming ,now thats what we call HEART

Cypher1210 says:

Great job! Take a look @ my djembe playing on my page! Love to play fast. I also have a cajon video on there. Rate/comment if you like!

samackwolof says:

جيد جدا، والتي على كلمات هذه الأغنية معناها لأنه من المهم للثقافة، ألعب الطبول واحترام تقاليد وأولئك الذين تركوا من قبل النبي محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم أقاربهم

bobsabin says:

Why don’t the women get to play the drums?

Rodrigo Raez says:

great party…

Randy Struble says:

Lose yourself in the beats it all makes sense, it sounds like chaos, but close the eyes and you will hear and it becomes hypnotic and theraputic.

tapkius99 says:

What kind of science ar u talking about .. this is music for heart , as well as indian music. every culture has a form , but the first thing that all of them are talking to your heart , u just need to find which form suits you best , or even try to understand and FEEL every form .. Peace from Lithuania

HoldFastYoungFighter says:

its based on where u hit hit how u hit it how ur hand is formed when u hit it that makes the diffrent sounds.

California0aura says:

maaan fuck KillinDaWelfareMCs

anderson1095 says:

Please check out my channel, i’m a 16 year old female percussionist and djembe is definitely my strongest instrument, i’ve got a bunch of videos of me doing little djembe solo’s. YOU’LL BE SUPRISED! 🙂 oh and i’ve posted one in the ‘video response’ so just click it, if you like it you can check some more out 🙂

KillinDaWelfareMCs says:

I guess some people like Ox carts even when their are cars available. Cars are still better.

NewGamer101 says:


micheal10250 says:

i agree with you, but this is youtube, there are A LOT of bigots and trolls on here. its best to just ignore them and enjoy the music

nick4uuk says:

Haha, you got seriously flamed for your pig-ignorance.

eyeofbrian says:

That was great…..I love my drum:)

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