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Me, trying to play something off the top of my head for an African drum thing I downloaded … 🙂


food1010 says:

Are you professional? I want to see you do some stuff in concert. I’m
working on watching all of your videos right now. You’re my next
inspiration right after Flea, Wooten, and Claypool.

Pudsy440 says:

fender jazz bass special … Japan

Pudsy440 says:

hello there … it’s a japanese made fender jazz bass special … actually,
it has a precision body and a jazz neck … I suppose they could have
called it a precision bass special just as easily 🙂

OmniTron1000 says:

Another great vid! I love your bass sound! what do you use?

Spoonie77 says:

it actually looks like a p bass special…still pretty good

Steve Dupree says:

what model Jazz is this? Aerodyne?

Romulan07 says:

Perky bassman is perky.

nairbfry says:

That was sweet! Love that fretless bass.

xenotoxette says:

Everything is so much better while baked. When you’re playing on the
cieling anything sounds great.

DMAclub says:

Great chops! This makes me wanna shed right now. Peace!

Pudsy440 says:

Gracias OrGaZmO! 🙂

EliasMohr says:

Niceee, i love playin along with songs too.. Specialy techno and dance sutff

T3hbassmasta says:

dylonbass, i know what you mean. when he plays the riff with the slide down
on the E string. i agree. thats what i thought too.

agwre fergd says:

btw how do u get ur bass setting sounding like that??????

OrGaZmO666 says:

that bass is sick man.. i like the groove very cool!

bluenote71 says:

It is. YOu can really hear, and see, that split coil.

tfx123456 says:

very nice!

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