Freedom Drums, Djembe & Bass Guitar Jam Session

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Close Freedom Drums Djembe jam session with bass guitar. Purchase Freedom Drums percussion products and more at


Tetu Shani says:

that’s real funky brother…search ‘YLM Jam Sessions’ to hear a guy called Tetu guys have similar styles..

Ghiela15 says:

GILA.! KEREN BANGET.! Ajarin dong.. 🙂

TheDeltaHeat says:

Great work dudes! Keen to hear more!

Kevin Pereira says:

no, you can play any drum any style, but djembe is west African drumming, and this is not Djembe.

missRACHMAyulita says:


missRACHMAyulita says:


missRACHMAyulita says:


pat McGroine says:

are you kidding me? that dude ripping shit on the djembes is deaf? keep it up man!

macroft60 says:

man this is no joke seriously awesome I wanna see more videos! do you sell any stuff on itunes

Mateusz Maluch says:

Nice play…

Rodrigo Ruiz says:

que chido esta estp!!!!!1

carloaltieri says:


little2u says:


motherrhythm says:

The main size drum is a 24″ x 12″ Pro Freedom Drum. Jesus is also legally deaf!

anonymousjg says:

what size is your main drum dude ? 

Phillip Roberts says:

So y’talk so funny ‘cuz you’re not used to talkin’, I get it now, no time to talk when you’re workin’ those hands to the point you gotta tape’em, eh?

xtianAztig says:


noob6887 says:

that is amazing…

ThexOriginalxGoose says:

holy shit. you sir are a god of djembe. 

COFsux says:


stridentvigor says:

thats whats im talking about man

Federico Ignacio Fantin says:

nice way of applying the Djembé to jass

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