Frank Bana – The Lost Sun (African song)

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Police herd the helpless through Landrover doors.
Soldiers mount women like dogs on all fours.
Children bear parents, shot down in the road.
How can the Sun be so terribly cold?

Maize fields abandoned, eaten by flames.
Mud walls destroyed, villages without names.
Livestock run free, the kraal gates cannot hold.
Who left the shivering Sun to the cold?

Breakfast plates empty, stores with no supplies.
Noon, vacant desks, hunger in pupils’ eyes.
This was the New Dawn, for breaking the mould.
How rose the Sun so unbearably cold?

Grass was preserved by communal rotation
Wildlife conserved by decrees of the nation.
Watered, watched over by Sun-Gods of old.
Now who saves the African Sun from the cold?

Frank Bana


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