FOLI (there is no movement without rhythm) original version by Thomas Roebers and Floris Leeuwenberg

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Dedicated to the people of Baro. Please share. Life has a rhythm, it’s constantly moving. The word for rhythm ( used by the Malinke tribes ) is FOLI. It is a…


boka cz says:

This is my favorite video. The message from this is to big and great. :-)….i love this FOLI.forever they make peace in my heart and again and again i am going to drum to my DJEMBE……RESPEKT. THE LIFE IS THE RHYTM…:-) THANKS SO MUCH

lifeisallus says:

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Ioannis Rapitis says:

and if God did something, it was the rythm!

mahdi ali says:


mahdi ali says:


Moischris Bugatti says:

yes bro if you wanna know about your dance music go to Africa for more infos…rnb…rap or what else you want…have a nice day….american…

Alex Stalenberg says:

AH ! quel Bel Reportage ! Compliments …!

loza09 says:


gabriel perez says:

are stupids?

Sadaqat Ali says:

bellissimo ..facebook/keurhalima

Lisa Cannini says:


Sara McCall Swords says:

Love seeing the similarities of dance and drumming with the Ewe from Ghana. I’ve watched this a bunch and still so enjoy watching the djembe being created and the children dancing!

Razoor ferrari says:

4:48 let the beat drop!!!

cephalusX says:

Its like FSOL ;)…

Will Buss says:

My very first comment EVER on YouTube… that was simply INCREDIBLE. Their pride, strength, solidarity, and as he said… RHYTHYM!. I want to go there now and just sit back and learn about the culture. As a typical white American, sometimes I wonder about my history… it is all mixed. This is pure, unadulterated AMAZING. Thank you for posting this. Makes me jealous of their people.

Snorri Ragnarsson says:

marvellous short!

pepik87 says:

A w e s o m e !! Wow!!

planetmusicsamos says:

it began in Africa!

Lauritä Lulä says:

Eso es destilar ritmo y música!! Que el movimiento lo llene todo! Inspirador!

Ricardo Lemos says:

Fabulous! Divine! Wonderful! I have watched countless times and always surprises me with this video.

Edgar Vergara Rojas says:

We all are only one, thanks for showing this precious culture…

Infinitealchemist says:

YES! SO TRUE! : )’s….

S B says:

I feel the exact same way! “Physically” I know so little of this but whenever I see and hear of it my soul automatically tunes in, it’s as if the African ancestors are bound within me waiting to leap out at the slightest sound of a drum. I swear, I just want to get up and start doing traditional dances out of nowhere haha!

S B says:

Seeing this for the second time still makes my soul very happy!

pinki islam says:

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tacoma7147 says:

humans are awesome

Mary Stutesman says:

Wow amazing work! Thank you for sharing!

Alan Chung says:

woman at 1:32 is beautiful

art MEANT says:

Inspirational! WOW

Ramazan GÜLER says:

Sözler güzel yanlız mizik sesi bastırıyor az ayar 10 numara

stephane grunenberger says:

le rythme dans la vie 

patricia mcherrin says:

Movement is rhythm that make music everything we do is music

Rizzo Lopez says:


Le2Menti says:


pavel vala says:

ŽIVOT V RYTMU! SKVĚLE! Life in rhythm,great!

Jorge Diaz says:


Eida Freya Rie Tanaka says:


Dilipraj Krishna says:

Brilliant . Rhythm and music straight from the heart of Mamma Africa .. Truly love it !!

Eida Freya Rie Tanaka says:

No se limita sino lo hace mas de corazon

Eida Freya Rie Tanaka says:

Buenazo -kawai

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